The Porch Company Double Door Hardware Package

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Each Porch Company Custom Double Door Hardware Package includes all necesarry door hinges for your application.  You have the opportunity to customize your beautiful Porch Co. door by selecting from a number of different door levers and knobs, in several of today's most popular home interior design finishes.  


Porch Co. Double Door                           

(4)  4" X 4" X Square Corner Door Hinge                                

(2)  4" X 4" X Square Adjustable Spring Hinge  

(2) 6" Surface Bolts

(1)  Privacy Knob or Lever Of Your Choice **

** "The term "Privacy" refers to the function of the door knob or lever.  Privacy locksets have a locking mechanism, operated with a thumb-turn or a push-button on the interior side of the door.  A key is not needed as the lockset cannot be un-locked from the outside of the door.



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