Privacy is a crucial aspect of both residential and commercial spaces. The Privacy category features a range of door knobs designed specifically for spaces where privacy and security are essential. These door knobs are perfect for use in bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, and any other area where confidentiality is desired.

The Matte Black Marina, Miraloma Park, and Noe Valley Privacy Door Knobs are sleek and modern options that offer both functionality and style. The Matte Black finish adds a touch of sophistication to any door, while the privacy feature ensures peace of mind in private spaces.

For a more unique look, the Molten Bronze Wexford and Durham Reversible Privacy Door Knobs with Square Rosette in Black offer a bold and eye-catching design. The molten bronze finish adds a touch of luxury, while the reversible feature allows for flexibility in installation.

The Bonn Privacy Knob and Durango Square Privacy Knob in Flat Black are both practical and durable options for spaces that require privacy. The flat black finish gives a classic and timeless look to any door, while the sturdy construction ensures long-lasting performance.

No matter the style or design preference, the Privacy category offers a variety of door knobs that prioritize privacy and security without compromising on aesthetics. Whether it's for a residential or commercial space, these door knobs provide the peace of mind and confidentiality needed in any environment.
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  • Bonn Privacy Knob-Black

    Bonn Privacy Knob-Black

    Stone Harbor

    With its crisp, square rosette and a sleek, cylindrical knob, the Bonn knob is a perfect fit for the modern home. Function (Privacy): Privacy style knobs and levers are used to secure the interior rooms of a home. An inside turn button both locks...
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